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we got a project which was already developed by some other and we need to make new changes in that. Now there are some modules in the project which were used previously but not now.

query arise that what if we keep that code and files will it affect the performance in any way. i checked for some of the modules which are not at all call from application and links are disables for such modules but not sure about the all modules and flow.

same thing goes with the stored procedure and data tables. the database is also not updated for such modules. the sp and tables (with data) are as it is in the database. if we keep that structure will it slow database performance.

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ASP.NET loads all the DLLs in the bin directory on application start. Compiles them and stores them in a temporary cache. So even unused (later) DDL can have impact on your application's start time, but not later...
Database is a different animal all together - if you do not use an sp, view or table, than it only takes space...
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ravikhoda 27-Mar-14 6:18am    
okay so it would be better that i at least remove the unused module/ code from the project rather than keep it.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Mar-14 6:22am    
Exactly. You may do that by sign unused code deprecated (, than compile used code. If any of the code you sign IS in use it will alert you...

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