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Hi there i'm using regular expressions to replace "/" eg in string 1/2 and change into a fraction into xml example frac12 but i want all the fractions this is what i have so far...

public static string ChecknReplace(string ingredientsText)
            string pattern = @"(\d{1}\\\d{1})";
            string[] fractions = {"/"};
            var matches = Regex.Matches(pattern, ingredientsText);
            foreach(Match match in matches)
[no name] 30-Mar-14 13:36pm    
Okay and did you have sort of a question or problem regarding this code?
Nico_Travassos 30-Mar-14 13:38pm    
im not sure how to finish off the foreach statement because everything i try does not work
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 30-Mar-14 13:43pm    
Do you mean to replace n/m to fracnm everywhere? (n and m are numbers)
Nico_Travassos 30-Mar-14 13:47pm    

1 solution

Regex regex = new Regex(@"(\d+)/(\d+)");
string result = regex.Replace(InputText,"frac $1 $2 ");
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Nico_Travassos 30-Mar-14 14:17pm    
so i must not use the foreach statement
OriginalGriff 30-Mar-14 14:24pm    
It's not "must not" - more "don't have to" :laugh:

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