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Hi , is this below query can we use differently..

(SELECT COUNT(id) FROM Employees WHERE YEAR(hire_date)=2011) as hirecnt,
(SELECT COUNT(id) FROM Employees WHERE YEAR(termination_date)=2011)as termcnt

i try below query like this ...its not working properly

select count(id) as cnt,employment_status from Employees
where ( YEAR(termination_date)=2010 and employment_status='Terminated')
( YEAR(hire_date)=2010 and employment_status='Active')
group by employment_status
Bernhard Hiller 3-Apr-14 2:24am
What do you want to achieve? Count the employess who were hired ina specific year and are still active - or does their current status not matter? Or count those who were hired and fired in the same specified year? Or...?
AndrewCharlz 3-Apr-14 2:36am
please show us the output of ur query so that we can give some solution
thatraja 3-Apr-14 5:04am
Not clear

1 solution

(SELECT *   from Employees WHERE (YEAR(hire_date)=2011) OR (YEAR(termination_date)=2011))
SELECT SUM(hirecnt) as hirecnt, SUM(termcnt) as termcnt FROM
SELECT COUNT(*)  as hirecnt, 0 as termcnt FROM EMP_CTE WHERE YEAR(hire_date)=2011
SELECT COUNT(*) as termcnt , 0 as hirecnt FROM EMP_CTE WHERE YEAR(termination_date)=2011
) as y

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