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I am having a directory multiple inner directories and files.
I need to copy the directory having all the files to another location using C#.

How to do this
Updated 3-May-19 9:38am

Google is your friend: Be nice and visit him often. He can answer questions a lot more quickly than posting them here...

A very quick search gave over 3 million results: Google "directory copy c#"[^]
The top result was MSDN with a full example:[^]

In future, please try to do at least basic research yourself, and not waste your time or ours.
Mitchell J. 3-Apr-14 7:57am
Try like this sample code;

using System;
using System.IO;

class DirectoryCopyExample
    static void Main()
        // Copy from the current directory, include subdirectories.
        DirectoryCopy(".", @".\temp", true);

    private static void DirectoryCopy(string sourceDirName, string destDirName, bool copySubDirs)
        // Get the subdirectories for the specified directory.
        DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(sourceDirName);
        DirectoryInfo[] dirs = dir.GetDirectories();

        if (!dir.Exists)
            throw new DirectoryNotFoundException(
                "Source directory does not exist or could not be found: "
                + sourceDirName);

        // If the destination directory doesn't exist, create it.
        if (!Directory.Exists(destDirName))

        // Get the files in the directory and copy them to the new location.
        FileInfo[] files = dir.GetFiles();
        foreach (FileInfo file in files)
            string temppath = Path.Combine(destDirName, file.Name);
            file.CopyTo(temppath, false);

        // If copying subdirectories, copy them and their contents to new location.
        if (copySubDirs)
            foreach (DirectoryInfo subdir in dirs)
                string temppath = Path.Combine(destDirName, subdir.Name);
                DirectoryCopy(subdir.FullName, temppath, copySubDirs);
Member 14898909 25-Jul-20 16:22pm
thnx man your code really helped me

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