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var loadv = XDocument.Load("C:/Users/DELL/Desktop/test.xml").ToString();
            var xDocv = XDocument.Parse(loadv);
            string NbV = xDocv.Descendants("UserName").First().Value;

I encountered an error "Sequence contains no elements" , this my xml file and I dont know why the sequence contains no element.
however "xDocv" contains the xml sequence

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<QueriesResponse xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <Jobs xmlns="">
    <Job allowExpiredUpdates="false" enforceUniqueness="true" inventoryType="transactional" jobComplete="true" jobRefCode="testtest">
      <RecruiterReference userId="204841377">

There is someone who can check this with me ?

1 solution


You need to search for the tag "UserName" in that namespace:
string NbV = xDocv.Descendants("UserName").First().Value;

XNamespace ns = "";
string NbV = xDocv.Descendants(ns + "UserName").First().Value;

Optional information:

Furthermore, instead of this:
string NbV = xDocv.Descendants(ns + "UserName").First().Value;

it might be better to use this:
string NbV = (string)xDocv.Descendants(ns + "UserName").FirstOrDefault();

Why? If the tag would be missing, then you could avoid getting an error "Sequence contains no elements".
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