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Hello CPs

I would like some ideas and advises from senior CPs and experienced programmers. I am interested in programming and security(as in hacking). I am a novice in C++,C#,VB.NET. I learnt Penetration testing and hacking for becoming a security professional.

But my problem now is I don't know which field to choose. 1)Developer or 2)Security Professional.

1)If I am going to be a developer what kind of applications I want to develop
a)Software Applications
b)Web Developing
c)Game Developing

As you can see each field is different from each other. I really love games and want to go for game programming but I'm not really good with equations and complex calculations. But I can learn any programming language/framework and its features.

2)As a security professional, There are lot of Job titles. I think its basically Penetration testing, Administration and Analyst. I am greatly inspired by the whole hacking thing. But not a lot of startup positions are available as a hacker(White-hat).

So I am really confused here. So this is my career stating point(Fresher). So I would like your suggestions and insights on this. Because I can start shaping myself for the path I choose now. Thanks in advance friends

If this is in the wrong section, Please help to move it and I am sorry if my English is bad.

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Updated 4-Apr-14 8:06am
Richard C Bishop 4-Apr-14 13:05pm
This is not the place for this. Go to one of the forums if you want to talk about this.
OriginalGriff 4-Apr-14 14:08pm
I'll give you one piece of free career advice: DON'T SHOUT AT PEOPLE YOU WANT TO HELP YOU. Using all capitals is considered shouting on the internet, and rude (using all lower case is considered childish). Use proper capitalisation if you want to be taken seriously.

Shouting at people almost never gets you good results, and very often gets you ignored, or put at the bottom of the pile.

1 solution

This question is so wrong.

First, if you are confused in some specialization choice, you need to learn what this work is all about. And the only way to learn it is to try out some part of the work related to it.

Second, you should first some at least minimally professional level in general programming; your carrier would be ultimately low in quality and fragile if you go in for one of those narrow specializations. During your career, those narrow fields of activity will themselves disappear and new ones will be created, so, you need to gain the ability to learn those narrow fields and get into new ones. It means that you should be reasonable universal software specialist. In a nutshell: for example, the developers who knows only one computer language, effectively, knows nothing; to know just one well, it is important to know a few more, to really understand your language of choice. Besides, each serious software product usually accumulate knowledge from several branches of knowledge. If you always do only the same specific part of the project, can you ever play a key role in the project? Never.

And the last but not the least: you need all your knowledge to determine which kinds of activities are best for your personality and your personal taste and skills. You cannot rely on opinions of some strangers to tell you that. You need to try your best and clearly realize what you can do the best. And, if you figure that out, you really need to try something else from time to time. You really need to find yourself, and continue this search all your life.


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