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how to print original duplicate triplicate in crystal report?
i want to print 3 copy of the crystal report in each copy should come with 3 different values in each copy (Original, Duplicate & Triplicate). i have not tried please help guys with the code in
Updated 12-May-22 18:21pm

I have answered a similar question 2-3 years ago, check it out.
Multiple Report Priting from VB.Net[^]
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this way also if data is not huge...
simple example...
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Aarti Meswania 7-Apr-14 7:17am    
<pre lang="sql">SELECT 'Original' as grp, * FROM yourtblname
SELECT 'Duplicate' as grp, * FROM yourtblname
SELECT '3rd Copy' as grp, * FROM yourtblname</pre>
now in report add group header by 'grp' field
paste 'grp' field inside group to display title
to display each grp on new page..
1. On the left hand side of the Section Expert, select your Group Footer.
2. Then, on the right hand side, select "New Page After".
NIRMAL90 27-Feb-15 7:33am    
where should i write the code
Aarti Meswania 5-Mar-15 4:22am    
simply modify your sql query associated with report and apply grouping
NIRMAL90 8-Mar-15 14:49pm    
i have tryed but not coming properly help need in how to create a grouping and where to place the 'grp'. I have place at page header and i got each item in different page.I am using one to many table relation. Show a video demo please
how to Crystal Report have created AR Invoice print layout. I need to print original, duplicate, triplicate, and extra copy in each print copy respectively. I can achieve this by creating three layouts and can put in print sequence in SQL query.
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Richard Deeming 13-May-22 4:51am    
If you want to ask a question, then ASK A QUESTION[^]. DO NOT post your question as a "solution" to someone else's question!

But you're going to need to provide A LOT more information that that if you want anyone to be able to help you.

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