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I use the following code:
namespace wpfEmun
    enum Seizoen { lente , zomer, herfst, winter, autumn = herfst, spring = lente, summer = zomer };

    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()

        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Seizoen seizoen = Seizoen.autumn;
            int seizoengetal = (int)seizoen;
            MessageBox.Show(string.Format("Seizoen nr {0} is {1}", seizoengetal, seizoen .ToString()));


If I debug and add a watch to seizoen then I see "herfst", and the result is ok.
BUT, in the message box the text "autumn" is displayed.
So in short: var seizoen contains "herfst" but shows "autumn" and it should be "herfst".

Updated 5-Apr-14 8:04am
Bernhard Hiller 7-Apr-14 2:56am
If you are just interesetd in showing a "readable" value for your enum, look at a trick which uses a Description attribute for each enum value. If you need globalization/localization support, you can use the attribute for providing the name of the localized resource instead.
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Solution 2

This is the perfectly expected result. I described the phenomenon you observed in detail in my article where I also created some interesting work-around solution: Enumeration Types do not Enumerate! Working around .NET and Language Limitations.

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Solution 1

You should try it the other way around: now you do English word = Dutch word, but you should do Dutch word = English word:
enum Seizoen { spring, summer, autumn, winter, lente = spring, zomer = summer, herfst = autumn };

First, add the English words to the enum and then add the Dutch words to it.
Alex Houben 5-Apr-14 16:53pm
Hi ProgramFOX,

Unfortunately this gives me 2 errors:
1) Cannot implicitly convert type 'wpfEmun.Form1.Seizoen' to 'int'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)
2) The evaluation of the constant value for 'wpfEmun.Form1.Seizoen.lente' involves a circular definition.

BTW I tested it on VS2008 & VS2012 but they give both the same result.
Thomas Daniels 6-Apr-14 4:05am
I updated my answer. I was wrong about the order of items in the enum.
This is not a solution. The problem is quite non-trivial. Please see my answer where I refer to my detailed article on this problem (the article is about the fact that enum types don't support IEnumerable interface, but big part is devoted to this very problem).

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