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Hi all,

M going to change label
text value using below code.

but gives error "object required"

thx in advance.

if (document.getElementById("_ctl0_DOC_TITLE").innerHTML == "MOC") {

    document.getElementById("MOCCheatSheet").style.display = "";
    var lblBtkName = document.getElementById("_ctl1_BTK_NAME");

    var lblBtkDesc = document.getElementById("_ctl1_BTK_DESCRIPTION");
    var lang = GetCookie("SmartLang");
    if (lang.toLowerCase() == "de-de")
        if (lblBtkName.innerHTML.toLowerCase() == "Analyse der Auswirkungen(EMPF)") {
            lblBtkName.innerHTML = "Analyse der Auswirkungen(EMPF)(ACHGDJF)";


Updated 7-Apr-14 21:29pm
Pheonyx 8-Apr-14 3:58am
1st question: Which line gives the error?
2nd observation: You inner check (lblBtkName.innerHTML.toLowerCase()) will be true as you are not checking it against lower case text.
Please check cookie is null or not
Master Vinu 8-Apr-14 5:52am
Pheonyx.... y r right lblBtkName.innerHTML.toLowerCase()) m checking false value

thx bro...

The normal reason for this is that the getElementById methods can't find a control with that name.
So add some checking to lblBtkName to make sure it isn't null - and if it is, check the spelling of the control name and that this code is being used on the correct page!

And Pheonyx is right: you aren't checking lowercase against lowercase...
Master Vinu 8-Apr-14 5:52am
solve ...thx for effrot
OriginalGriff 8-Apr-14 6:07am
You're welcome!
Which version of .Net are you using?
Note that var is only supported in .Net 3.0 and above[^].
Master Vinu 8-Apr-14 5:52am
thx for efforet... solved
Abhinav S 8-Apr-14 7:58am
Vote if it helped.

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