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current table detail
appMaterial appSubMaterial appSize appPcs appwts
Diamond ROUND DIAMOND 3 255 2.58
Gold GOLD 76% 2.54
Gold GOLD 92% 3.54

exactly my requirement below list how can make it query please help me sql server 2008r2
appma appsub apppu appcs appwt
gold gold 76% 255 2.55
gold gold 92% 0 3.55
Updated 8-Apr-14 0:35am
Er. Puneet Goel 8-Apr-14 7:10am
means please provide more details! the above details are confusing
antish1 8-Apr-14 7:34am
As i have data as follow 76% 25.25 wts 92% 4.25 wts
3 chain 92% 10.25 wts

i want to display in sql2008
metal touch wts chain touch wts
gold 76% 25.25 chain 92% 10.25
gold 92% 4.25

touch should not be fixed
Er. Puneet Goel 8-Apr-14 7:36am
what do you mean by 'not fixed'?
antish1 8-Apr-14 7:40am
touch mean 92% , 76%, 86% 56% so we cant fixed the touch
we cannt fixed the touch as it is many
antish1 8-Apr-14 7:47am
please suggest me how can build sql query
Er. Puneet Goel 8-Apr-14 7:47am
you seems to be confused! this is improper question or In-sufficient details. Please post some valid info about it.
antish1 8-Apr-14 7:52am
already insert data in table
below 76% 25.25 wts 92% 4.25 wts
3.chain 92% 10.25 wts
now i want in above table using record get need output below

gold 76% 25.25 chain 92% 10.25
gold 92% 4.25
antish1 8-Apr-14 8:00am
now understand ??
Er. Puneet Goel 8-Apr-14 8:16am
mean you want records grouped by metal ?
antish1 8-Apr-14 8:31am
group by touch
Er. Puneet Goel 8-Apr-14 8:45am
means you want to get all record group by Metal like all Gold, than all chain ?
antish1 8-Apr-14 8:49am
yeah only two type group Gold and Chain
Er. Puneet Goel 8-Apr-14 8:52am
i will post the solution, if you have any query let me know in the same
antish1 8-Apr-14 9:07am
yeah you are right but i need only two type in metal also same chain only one row display

like say

Metal type
Gold 76
Gold 92
chain 76 chain
chain 92 chain

i want need below

typegold chaintype
76 76chain
92 92 chain
antish1 10-Apr-14 1:50am
please tell me how can it possible

1 solution

Select * from table where metal = 'Gold' OR metal = 'Chain' order by metal

This will give you only two metal group gold and chain with gold and chains together

2. for group by query please provide exact column names and data types

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