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I have one macro called "countMacro" and one function called "countCell()"
I have tested in excel sheet it works fine.
But i want to add this function/macro using C#, at run time i have to add macro to dynamic excel and macro will be run and result will be shown on cell.
I am using Epplus library.
do reply.
Thank you.
Updated 2-Aug-20 5:10am

think this will help you. But in this article their are using Interop.Microsoft.Office.Core.dll to create excel so by using this you can add macro to excel.
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Thank you for response .
I have used Epplus library to load my data into Excel sheet , now i want to add macro into excel sheet using Epplus there any way do this ?
Thank you.
navi_s_Patil 11-Apr-14 3:23am    
EPPLUS will not Support for VBA Macros, check out dis link and yo can also load the data using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel pity much same as like epplus.
Brady Kelly 22-Nov-19 7:39am    
EPPlus does support *creating* macros. See solution 3.
Solution 3 is almost OK (for EPPlus
After opening Visual Basic you can see that Module1 is not put inside "Modules" but inside "Microsoft Excel Objects" along with sheets. Because of this macros are not seen as executable from within Excel (like after pressing Alt+F8).

Here you can see modification that puts Module1 where it should be:

var xlPack = new ExcelPackage(excelFile);
var module = xlPack.Workbook.VbaProject.Modules.AddModule("Module1");
module.Code = "Sub countMacro()\r\n ... Place Code Here ... \r\nEnd Sub\r\n";

BTW. I recommend to put macro code in .NET resources and load it:

var embeddedProvider = new EmbeddedFileProvider(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly());
using (var reader = embeddedProvider.GetFileInfo("Resources/ExcelMacros.vb").CreateReadStream())
using (var textReader = new StreamReader(reader))
    var module = xlPack.Workbook.VbaProject.Modules.AddModule("Module1");
    module.Code = textReader.ReadToEnd();
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ExcelPackage xlPack = new ExcelPackage(excelFile);	// Open or Create the File
// Add VBA Code
xlPack.Workbook.CreateVBAProject();			// Can not append VBA Projects.Multiple "Code" can be added. See "".
xlPack.Workbook.CodeModule.Name = "Module1";
xlPack.Workbook.CodeModule.Code = "Sub countMacro()\r\n" +
" ... Place Code Here ... \r\n" +
"End Sub\r\n";
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Patrice T 2-Jun-17 22:15pm    
Only 3 years too late
Andrzej Martyna 2-Aug-20 3:51am    
But still useful. I've found it today and it's exactly what I was looking for. The sense of time in Internet is not so obvious as in real life ;)

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