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I am developing a program which has some basic image processing filters and raster to vector convertion fonctions. I am working with bmp, jpeg, png, tiff and geotiff files. The images that i work on can be very big. When i try to open a 190mb bmp file (7000*9000 pixels), i get an exception like "Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program". My computer has 6GB memory and i try to run my program on 64x CPU. I googled it but couldn't find a good solution. I don't know what the reason can be.

Thanks for any help.
Updated 7-Jul-21 0:02am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Apr-14 10:56am
The file is certainly too big (why, by the way?), but, just in case: are you really sure that at least one of your assemblies is not targeted to a 32-bit instruction-set architecture? Then the application could be executed by WoW64. Ideally, all targets should be "AnyCPU"...
Maciej Los 11-Apr-14 12:47pm
Did you check via task manager how much memory is currently consumed by your program? I think there is a memory leak problem.
phil.o 11-Apr-14 12:55pm
I think I read somewhere (but I may be wrong) that, regardless of the amount of RAM the computer has, there is a 2 Gb limit of memory a single object can consume.
Çağrı Daşkın 11-Apr-14 15:23pm
Hello all,
Thank you all for your answers. The images are used in aerial photogrametry. Each photo shows a big area of earth surface. That's why they are so big. Making the platform target "Any CPU" didn't work. My program consumes about 1,5-1,7 gb memory while working with big images. And if what phil says is true, yes, this must be the problem. But i have to work with those big images. Is there any way to make all available memory accesible?
Andrius Leonavicius 11-Apr-14 16:29pm

phil.o is right, memory limit of the .NET object is 2 GB. .NET Framework 4.5 arrays can be greater than 2 GB. Link:

By the way, there is an article about the memory limits. Link:
Çağrı Daşkın 11-Apr-14 17:06pm
Hi Andrius,

Thank you for your help.
Andrius Leonavicius 11-Apr-14 17:09pm
You're welcome. Please let me know if that solved your problem.
Çağrı Daşkın 14-Apr-14 3:09am
Hi Andrius,

Thank you again, i don't get the exception now. But this time, i have another problem. After a few seconds i start the process, my computer freezes. I can't understand how an image process can consume that big amount of memory. I work with BitmapData class. A bitmapdata object includes image width * image height units. In every unit there are 3 bytes of pixel information(for 3 band images). 7000*9000*3 = 189mb. I will try splitting the image into 4 pieces.
Andrius Leonavicius 14-Apr-14 12:01pm

Have you tried with small images? Maybe there is something wrong with your code. Also, I have found this post:
Çağrı Daşkın 16-Apr-14 2:08am
Hi Andrius,

My code works perfectly with small images. Still there must be another problem and i have to find it :) Thank you for sharing the link.
#realJSOP 10-Jul-21 7:52am
Maybe your code is making an assumption about an array size somewhere. I would start with adding Debug.WriteLine statements in the associated code and watch what it does in the output window.
Roger500 16-Jul-21 0:05am
Check the app.Config for
<gcallowverylargeobjects enabled="true">

On 64-bit platforms, it enables arrays that are greater than 2 gigabytes (GB) in total size.

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