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I trying to implement a Zoomable and panable image But in <winforms>without the scrollbars value proprety,
with the zooming everything fine,
the problem is
but when I try to calculate the x and y for panning everything goes wrong ,image goes off borders and acts strangely ,

heres my code with the scroll bar values and here it working fine :
mousemove event
if (m_drawing && CurrentZoomRate >1)
          int DeltaX = (m_StartingPoint.X - e.X);
          int DeltaY = (m_StartingPoint.Y - e.Y);
          this.pbImage.x = DeltaX;
          this.pbImage.y = DeltaY;
          pbimage.AutoScrollPosition= new System.Drawing.Point(Math.Abs(DeltaX - AutoScrollPosition.X), Math.Abs(DeltaY - AutoScrollPosition.Y));

and here when i trying to do it without out the scroll bars(that my goal without them)
and everything goes wrong
int DeltaX = (m_StartingPoint.X - e.X);
int DeltaY = (m_StartingPoint.Y - e.Y);
this.pbImage.x = DeltaX;
this.pbImage.y = DeltaY;

and here is my paintevent (taken from
Matrix mx = new Matrix(_zoom, 0, 0, _zoom, 0, 0);
       //now translate the matrix into position for the scrollbars
       mx.Translate(this.x / _zoom, this.y / _zoom);
       //use the transform
       e.Graphics.Transform = mx;
       //and the desired interpolation mode
       e.Graphics.InterpolationMode = _interpolationMode;
       //Draw the image ignoring the images resolution settings.
       e.Graphics.DrawImage(_image, new Rectangle(0, 0, this._image.Width, this._image.Height), 0, 0, _image.Width, _image.Height, GraphicsUnit.Pixel);

can anyone have idea how to preform this calculations ?

I also trying to make the invisible but the ccalculation of this
this.AutoScrollMinSize=new Size(

always turn the invisible to true , trying to set it of in the paint event jst get my endless flickering .

1 solution

Well...perhaps if you included the PictureBox original x and y coordinates in teh calculation it might help?

Start with the debugger: put a breakpoint on the line:
int DeltaX = (m_StartingPoint.X - e.X);
and step through your code - look at the values and work out what they should be, and compare that to what they are.
Then you can work out what exactly you are doing wrong - we can't give you exact instructions because we can't run your code and see exactly how you are doing everything!
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