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If the application, threads are created using AfxBeginthread and for synchronization CSemephore is used then if the no. of worker threads is not fixed (i.e dependends in runtime).
How the main thread waits for all the worker thread to finish there execution first before terminate itself?
Updated 26-Apr-10 23:14pm

1 solution

You could do the operations below:

  1. add the CREATE_SUSPENDED flag to any call to AfxBeginThread
  2. call DuplicateHandle to get a copy of the m_hThread of each CWinThread object returned by the previous call to AfxBeginThread
  3. call ResumeThread on each CWinThread object returned by the previous call to AfxBeginThread

This will ensure that you get an handle to each thread you create (you should create each thread suspended because CWinThread will auto-delete on thread termination, and you need that the thread doesn't terminate before that you have completed your initialization steps).

When you are about to terminate your main thread, do the following:

  1. make a call to WaitForMultipleObject passing it an array with all the handles of the threads you have created
  2. call CloseHandle fore each handle that you have previously duplicated

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