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hi guys ... i want to make a file uploader with progress .. i googleing since 8 am untill 10pm :(( but i can't find any free component

component have to do
1- allow me to change file name before upload
2- don't use flash or silverlight
3- just single file upload
4-show me real progress bar

plz help ... tnx guys ! you can make me happy :)
any video link that shown it step by step can help
Updated 16-Apr-14 20:31pm
Richard C Bishop 14-Apr-14 13:51pm    
Good luck! An actual progress bar is very difficult.
gggustafson 14-Apr-14 13:53pm    
Uploading from where? Local file system? Web page?
farham_heidari 14-Apr-14 14:00pm    
upload from pc to host :(

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gggustafson 14-Apr-14 14:01pm    
Your first reference violates OP's rule 2. Both solutions are for WebForms. Is that what the OP wants?
farham_heidari 14-Apr-14 14:12pm    
it's multiple file ... it's need html5 ... it's complex .. i want every type file upload
Abhinav S 14-Apr-14 14:21pm
farham_heidari 14-Apr-14 15:23pm    
all of them are php base i can't use them in .net web application
See WebClient.UploadFileAsync Method [^].

So far as the progress bar, you must run a background thread for uploading and place a progress bar in the UI thread.

If you have further questions, ask in Have a Question or Comment.
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farham_heidari 14-Apr-14 14:22pm    
you know ... i rely don't know how can i start code ... send me a link of free component or a instruction to do this
gggustafson 14-Apr-14 14:30pm    
I'm sorry, I'm a computer programmer. I write the things that you want. I know of no free components. So far as instructions, did you read my reference? After that, maybe I can help further.
farham_heidari 14-Apr-14 15:24pm    
ok i'll read your link :)
tnx for help
gggustafson 14-Apr-14 15:36pm    
That's a start. When you finished that, read BackgroundWorker Class[^]. I usually only implement DoWork, ProgressChanged, and RunWorkerCompleted.

every thing that i want, simple , easy good abstraction
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farham_heidari 17-Apr-14 0:05am    
it's don't show progress bar :(
you can use Fine uploader jquery file for upload files.
Below is site url:[^]
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