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Hi, I have developed a VB.Net application which connects to database, executes a query and fetches result in a text file, which is used for further processing. For that i had installed Oracle 11g on my machine.

Now i have to deploy this application to client where 50-60 users will be using it. We can't install Oracle Client on all the machines.
Without installing Oracle Client, we are getting "The "OraOLEDB.Oracle" Provider is not registered on local machine".

Is there any way to run the application without installing Oracle Client.
PS: Application has been developed on 64bit system.

Thanks in advance,

Nicholas Marty 15-Apr-14 4:55am    
Shouldn't you only need the "Oracle Data Provider" (ODP.NET) instead of a whole program for that?
AshishAgrawal123 15-Apr-14 5:17am    
Nicholas, can you please elaborate. As currently i am using "OleDbCommand" to connect and execute query.

bluesathish 14-May-14 3:18am    
Yes Nicholas was correct, Check my solution No:4.

You cannot access an Oracle DB without some kind of client software.
But you can simply include the Oracle Instant Client[^] with your software binaries.
It comes in several flavours and the version you need is ODAC.
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Yes we can connect our application to oracle db without oracle client being installed in our local pc, it can be done by using third party data provider for oracle.

There are lot of providers available in the market, From my practical experience I suggest you to try this below provider

Devart DotConnect for Oracle/[^]
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Probably you need Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll
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Whenever you want to talk directly with the Oracle server, the proprietary protocol called SQL*Net is needed, and that comes with "Oracle Client" installation.

If u really cannot install Oracle client, eg, on so many machines (remotely or not) that need to talk to the Oracle server, it is possible, then you need 3-tier, plus converting the to a browser - based application.

First tier is your client - which for our case, we can use a browser, which is installed in every computer nowadays. That will talk HTTP traffic with a tier 2 server (or called it our homebrewed application server). And you can used this tool to help out the conversion:[^]

Tier two: this is a Apache server with Oracle client installed, plus other component that can convert the HTTP traffic coming via Apache Server (or any HTTP server) to that of client. Just one tier 2 machine is needed.

Tier 3 is your database server.
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Yes, you can connect to Oracle with installing the client.

You need to open a network connection to the Oracle Server, and write the code that talks to the Oracle database. This would be an extremely large effort. I'm not sure if Oracle document the protocol, or if you would have to reverse engineer it. It may change with each Oracle version and each patch, so might require a fair bit of maintenance.

Of course, Oracle provide software that already does this. It's called the Oracle Client. I recommend installing it instead.
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AshishAgrawal123 15-Apr-14 5:04am    
Please read the problem statement again. This was not the expected solution.
If u really cannot install Oracle client, eg, on so many machines,you can use web service to connect oracle database.
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