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Hello everyone, i want to diplay the size of an image in a picturebox control, a few examples i have found online are using openfile dialog control, but i am not uploading the picture, it is already in the picture box, i have tried this:

Image img = Image.FromFile(openDialog.FileName);
double fileWidth = img.Width;
double fileheigth = img.Height;
double fileByte = (((fileWidth) * (fileheigth))/1024);
label2.Text = "Image Size: " + fileByte.ToString() + " KB";

But it doesn't seem to work, please i will appreciate any assitance. Thanks in advance
CPallini 17-Apr-14 6:21am    
What 'size' do you want to know?
Unless there is a file (saving to or loading from the image), there is no file-size (that is it depends on the file format). On the other hand, I doubt it would be useful knowing the in-memory size of the image.
DamithSL 17-Apr-14 6:24am    
what is the application type? how you load or set image of the picturebox ?
Uwakpeter 17-Apr-14 6:32am    
it is a C# windows application, i am loading the image with open file dialog box, and now resized the picture, i have been able to display the original and the resized image on picture boxes, i have also display the original image size, the issue now is to display the resized image size. The format is in Png.
lukeer 17-Apr-14 7:47am    
PNG is a format with lossless compression. You can't exactly tell in advance how large a file it will produce.

Your only chance for an exact value is to save to a file and display the size after that.
Or you settle for a coarse estimate and scale the original file size by pixel count_ratio = newPixelCount/oldPixelCount.
Uwakpeter 17-Apr-14 7:52am    
Thanks Lukeer, the file comes in different formats(jpg,jpeg,gif png), i only reduce the uploaded file size and save in png format, it is png format size that i want to get.

for now i can only compare their different sizes after i have save the resize passport to a folder, i want to display this in the application as well.

this the code that i use to save to a folder:

picBoxResized.Image.Save(@"C:\Users\Default.DEV-PC\documents\picture.png", ImageFormat.Png);

so please how do i display the size after saving to a file here?

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