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Hi Friends

I want to store the number of rows affected by the Insert Stored Procedure .

Based on the integer rows affected I want to form a decision branching using If -else.

Like if the rows affected is >0 then send the mail otherwise not.

But I am not able to store the number of rows being affected by the current datacontext object binded with Insert Stored Procedure.

For eg
<pre lang="c#">

<pre>if (objDataContext.USP_INSERT_ROWS(Parameters 1, Paramenters 2 ...Parameters n) == 0)
                     ChangeSet cs = objDataContext.GetChangeSet();
                     int rowsInserted = cs.Inserts.Count;
                     if (rowsInserted > 0)
                         lbMsg.Text = "Rows inserted Successfully " + rowsInserted + "rows Inserted";
                         lbMsg.Text = "You have already sent  this request  " + rowsInserted";

                     Response.Write("<script>alert('Some Error')</script>");

in all the occasions it goes into the else branch.

1 solution

Your get Changeset should be before you submit changes.

ChangeSet cs = objDataContext.GetChangeSet();
Console.Write("Total changes: {0}", cs);

But please note that it has side effects, such as inference of insert and delete operations that are usually performed at the time of SubmitChanges

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