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I have a scenario where i need to check the row values before hitting the dB to store those values,the issue arises when I try to fetch the value of the row specific column. Now suppose, if i have a text box in the grid and then I click on Edit that makes a particular row open for edit on click of submit/ok button I need to retrieve the latest value of the Textbox but the javascript fetches the previous value.

The following is the Javascript/jquery used

function GetSelectedRow(lnk) {
       var row = lnk.parentNode.parentNode;
       var rowIndex = row.rowIndex - 1;
       var customerId = row.cells[0].innerHTML;
       var city = row.cells[1].getElementsByTagName("input")[0].value;
       alert("RowIndex: " + rowIndex + " CustomerId: " + customerId + " City:" + city);
       return false;

Any help................
Updated 18-Apr-14 7:33am
I guess this is a Page Load issue. Can you should the Page Load code and how you bind the GridView.
SwarupDChavan 18-Apr-14 9:25am    
actually i want to retrieve the values that I insert into the TextBox when I update and I need to do it at the client side using jquery
Ok, but why are you getting previous values? Post more codes.
j snooze 18-Apr-14 17:30pm    
Can you add an onblur event to the textbox in question setting the innerHTML of the cell you want.
<intput type="text" önblur="UpdateChanges(this);/">

function UpdateChanges(textbox){
row.cells[0].innerHTML = textbox.value;

Didn't try this, but it might work.

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