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Hi Friends,
I've got an error: "Illegal characters in path." But i don't understand why ?

The code is:
Dim FS As FileStream = New FileStream(Server.MapPath("~/Temp/" & filename), FileMode.Create)
                   blobMail = CType(TableContainer.Rows(0).Item(0), Byte())
                   FS.Write(blobMail, 0, blobMail.Length)
                   FS = Nothing
                   Return ReturnVar
               End If

even if i give ("../temp/") also geting same error

Give me a idea pls

Thanks in advance


Have a look at this: Removing characters which are not allowed in Windows filenames[^] - the chances are that filenamecontains something unexpected...
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Replace line,

"Dim FS As FileStream = New FileStream(Server.MapPath("~/Temp/" & filename), FileMode.Create)"


"Dim FS As FileStream = New FileStream(Server.MapPath("~//Temp//" & filename), FileMode.Create)"
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avelsamy 21-Apr-14 5:10am    
still didnt work , Mr.bhagesh
avelsamy 21-Apr-14 5:53am    
also didnt work , i cant able to figured out.... give me another idea pls
Bh@gyesh 21-Apr-14 5:56am    
Refer link :
avelsamy 21-Apr-14 6:32am    
still no ....
Bh@gyesh 21-Apr-14 6:35am    
Do one thing,
1) Debug your application.
2) Add "FS" variable in watch.
3) see the value of FS runtime and check wether the path is correct or not?

if possible paste your path here.

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