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Hi all,

I don't know where exactly to start with my question, because I am beginner with Neural Network. I read some papers about Neural Networks but anyway still confused in some questions.
So, I would appreciate any help from your side.

Earlier I have developed a crossword generator application and now I am trying to develop the same application but with Neural Network Algorithm. My questions are:
1. What should I take a consider before I start to develop generating crossword using Neural Network?
2. What would be the inputs for generating crossword?
3. Can I use any framework (C#,Java) for Neural Network?
4. Should i start from beginning new design of my program or can I use as it is (including code in Neural Network Algorithm)?

Thank you for your help!

1 solution

I don't think this is an appropriate application for Neural Networks.
A Neural Network is really for classification types of problems, not generation.
Fundamentally it is a technique to construct a trainable pattern recognition system.

Check out the free Learning From Data[^] online course from Caltech. It covers lots of important foundational material before getting to Neural Networks.
It is very well done!
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-Apr-14 18:56pm    
Not quite sure. The major use of neural network for classification does not mean this is the only type of application; the real capability of neural network is wider. For example, early, it was used to create a puzzle solution (not generation though). The algorithm teaching plays with the algorithm many times and "punished" or "awards" the network depending on results on some metrics. So, why not generating of puzzles, of some narrow class of them?
Matt T Heffron 21-Apr-14 19:24pm    
Thus my statement that "it is a technique to construct a trainable pattern recognition system"
You train it with a set of inputs to generate a set of outputs in hopes that similar inputs generate similar outputs.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 21-Apr-14 20:04pm    
Well, right, in that sense.

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