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Good day..

I am developing an application which regards with the Biometrics using U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader and I already bought an SDK and now I am using it.

I have also tried saving its data(FMD) to the database using the Serialize and Deserialize method from the dll. My question is: If I will enroll so many employee with their registered fingerprint and verify or identify it from the database if the fingerprint is already registered or not. Is there any other way that I can compare it without loading all the registered fingerprint in the database? Because if we consider for about 1000 employees using the device, I think the application will response slow.

Can you give me some advice on how to handle fingerprint identification using C# application in connection with the database?
Updated 11-Dec-17 4:06am

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Solution 1

Well, I cant find any 'open' docco for that device without signing up/purchasing a SDK getting started kit ...

but, I would have thought that you would store the fingerprint data as a 'blob' object in the database, and, you would have a field from the SDK that is basically like a hash key (possibly string type) that you could use as the index field

So, check if there's an SDK function to generate a hash or key for a fingerprint
Romeland C. dela Peña 24-Apr-14 4:02am
Thank you for the solution. But i have a question..

Which fingerprint data can be easily compared from the database and the newly inputted one, a blob form or in a string form (which is being serialized before saving)?
Garth J Lancaster 24-Apr-14 5:53am
well, I found a manual online

V2.2 Manual UareU-SDK-2-2DeveloperGuide20121128.pdf

eg, pages 16-18, then down at page 56 Identify() and Compare() functions

Most (useful) SDK's include some sort of example - even if its not in C#, if one is included in the SDK you should be able to use it as a reference - I always compile the SDK examples and run them to start with when I'm starting off with a new device, that way I have a base-line for my own software
Romeland C. dela Peña 25-Apr-14 22:41pm
that helps me a lot.. thank you!!
Nareen Nair 6-Feb-16 12:54pm
Sir can i have the code that will enroll, save to database and verify of the dogtal persona as i am using sdk 2.3. Pleasesir this help really crucuial to em.. [email address removed]
Garth J Lancaster 7-Feb-16 22:34pm
you seem to have a misunderstanding as to what Codeproject is .. I think you'd be better off going to a site like rentacoder if you want code delivered to you with no effort spent on your part
Nareen Nair 8-Feb-16 11:34am
thanks sir for the reply. Sir, i would like to do myself, but i tried hard but i cant find the answer. I done enroll but extracting FMD was doen also but cant save to databse and the documentation did not specify what format will the FMD will be taken in. Only they say can use serializable. I did that, but i don't want in XML.
Garth J Lancaster 8-Feb-16 20:56pm
Im pretty sure pages 33,36 of the manual outline your options - deserialise from xml to class(es) and then use the data from the class as you see fit
Nareen Nair 8-Feb-16 22:38pm
thanks for the reply sir. yup sir, i saw that serialize and deserialzing. i did using the code which is Fmd.SerializeXml(resultConversion.Data); but i wishes not in xml reather i would prefer lingtext.
Garth J Lancaster 9-Feb-16 1:00am
what the heck is lingtext ? once you have the FMD or such, you can serialise it to anything you want - why not serialise it to JSON ? obviously you have to chose what to store, the manual has a discussion on storing vs not storing the image for example .. business process, requirements & possibly privacy/legal issues will dictate wether you store the enrolment image and/or full FMD
Nareen Nair 9-Feb-16 6:01am
thanks sir for the reply. it my mistake it is longtext. Sir, i got the FMD already, but i am not able to view on what datat type will it be. Sir if i would like to store the full FMD, sir is there any link i can view or read sir. I am new to this project as i am doing for my final year project.

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