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I am having a problem where the "\\" and "\" are getting removed from my file path

<span  önClick=\"playRec('" + path + "');\">Play</span>

function playRec(val) {

the val is showing an incorrect filepath.
CBadger 24-Apr-14 7:32am    
What does path show?
So in debug what is the actual value op path and what gets passed into the query then to what does it change to?
Linkz_G 24-Apr-14 8:06am    
this is how the path shows:

but in my function playrec the val is:
Shah Parth P 24-Apr-14 7:45am    
you can fix the path of a file by using static string.
and keep the file name dynamic only.
Take file name form the user if possible.
or specify how you want to call it???

Try using a regex to keep escape characters

var val = $(this).attr('val').replace(/[!"#$%&'()*+,.\/:;<=>?@[\\\]^`{|}~]/g, "\\\\$&")

Although in your case you can also try and use the filter[§] settings
with all elements selection
var value = this.value;
$select.find('option').filter(function() {
  return this.value == value;
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this fixed the issue:

path = path.replace(/[\\]/g, "\\\\");
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