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How do I Replace NULL value for the datetime with blank space instead of default value of datetime
OriginalGriff 28-Apr-14 4:34am    
Depends to a large extent what exactly you are doing to retrieve the data.
Show us the code fragment that you are using.
Ni!E$H_WAGH 28-Apr-14 4:40am    
I want Update column with NULL value by blank space .
phil.o 28-Apr-14 4:43am    
Are you trying to store a datetime value into a varchar column?
Ni!E$H_WAGH 28-Apr-14 4:52am    
No am using datetime as datatype for specified column
phil.o 28-Apr-14 5:23am    
So, this is not possible to store a blank space in a DateTime column.
At that time, what is stored in this column? A null value, or the default value for Datetime?

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I think you can solve this problem with ISNULL. Implement it according to your requirement.

SELECT ISNULL(ColName, '') AS ColName FROM TableName

also check[^]

Good Luck
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Ni!E$H_WAGH 28-Apr-14 5:13am    
No it gives output 1900-01-01 00:00:00.000 and I require ' '

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