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Hi all

I got a requirement to develop plug-in.
I am confused to choose the technology.
can some suggest the technology and why it is good for plug-in.

* - Rajesh _ *
thatraja 30-Apr-14 2:35am    
plugins for what?
rajesh.mca134 30-Apr-14 2:48am    
plug-ins for browsers

1 solution

What technology will depend entirely on what the plugin is going to plug into.

If it's a plug in for an Android app then something Java-ish would be required. For a Photoshop plugin, then you would need the Adobe Photoshop Software Developer's Kit, and to code in Pascal. And so forth.

We can't answer a broad question like this: it's just too vague.
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thatraja 30-Apr-14 2:35am    
Agree, 5!
rajesh.mca134 30-Apr-14 2:52am    
Its an plug-in to collect data from different sites.lets say user selects some word and adds want to add the word to his fav-words list.
OriginalGriff 30-Apr-14 2:55am    
So it's a Browser plugin then?
OK, so which browser? A plugin for IE won't work for Firefox, or Chrome, or Opera, or...

You start to get the picture?
rajesh.mca134 30-Apr-14 5:49am    
technology which supports most regular browsers like IE, Firefox and chrome.

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