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how can i check email address is real or not?
real not valid!
please help me.
Updated 30-Apr-14 5:35am

In short, you cannot. As stated in this post[^], a mechanism had been implemented in SMTP protocol for testing the existence of a specific mailbox, but the most use it has ever found was with malicious requests, not legitimate ones. So about every mail system is actually configured to lie when such a request comes in.

You still have the option to effectively send an email to said mailbox; if the server responds to you with a 5.5.0 Mailbox unavailable code, then you know the mailbox does not exist.
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phil.o 30-Apr-14 14:50pm    
Yes, interesting too. I did not see a mail server accepting to sincerely respond to a VRFY command for many years now. And most of the time a RCPT command will not say anything, because usually antispam systems handle that silently.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Apr-14 14:59pm    
Corporate mail usually support delivery confirmation, inside the company...
phil.o 30-Apr-14 15:05pm    
Yes, inside the company; I'm not sure OP's need is to fetch this information from inside ;)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Apr-14 16:06pm    
Anyway, all this question is just beating the dead horse. I think we answered to it. OP is advised to accept both answers and go in for something more useful. :-)
Generally, you cannot. This is not how mail works.

You can formally request for the delivery confirmation of your e-mail, but this is nothing but automation of the reply by a mail recipient, which is triggered when a use "opens" your message; and then you receive the notification by regular mail at your return address. Not all mail delivery agents will support it; and sometimes the recipient user can disable this feature even if it is supported (this is called "opt-out"). Please see:[^].

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Nelek 30-Apr-14 12:56pm    
Not only that, If the "destiny" doesn't click / open the email, it might happen that no confirmation will be sent (doesn't matter if the agent support it or not)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Apr-14 14:16pm    
Well, this is the purpose of notification; it means "not delivered". Also, no certain time is guaranteed.

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