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Hi there,

I'm not very good with programming but even so I'm attempting to create a remote desktop application that sends the input of the mouse and keyboard to the controlled computer and also view their screen, just like
"Remote Desktop Connection" does. I also want to use two applications, the client and the server.

And I want to do this all in "Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition". You may be asking why I'm trying to recreate what windows did when they made RDC. But I do have my reasons.

And lastly if possible I would love this to work on different networks, like to run through the internet.

Thanks, Dylan

Well, I'm sure you are of good will, and that you have all the reasons to have the requirements you present to us, but unfortunately this is not how things work on this forum. 'How to create a Remote Desktop Application' is not a valid question. Because the only answer is : the way you develop every other application, by thinking, work, trials and corrections, debugging...
A complete answer to that would be way too long to fit here; and, most important, no one in the world will want to do your job for you.

You may try to find some directions on the subject, but I think you should stick to the basis, as you said you are not very good at development: create a small test project and try to make it accomplish a simple task; then move on to a litle bit more complex task, etc. From time to time, you will learn to develop more complex programs.

A remote desktop client-server application is not a trivial subject; knowledge required to build it from scratch is huge. And there are some security concerns, too.
Member 10784942 30-Apr-14 18:28pm
Thank you so much, i'm very new to this kind of thing and I just got It was just an idea I had. Thanks so much for replying :)
phil.o 30-Apr-14 18:36pm
No problem, I'm glad to see that you were not discouraged from development :)
You can browse the 'Articles' section, find a subject that interests you, and read some articles / download their code / see how they are implemented. This site is perfect for that, a priceless tool.
Member 10784942 3-May-14 5:40am
What's this?
Dave Kreskowiak 3-May-14 9:31am
I think he's trying to show you just how complicated this little project is. This is not a project suitable for a newbie to programming.
Member 10784942 3-May-14 17:26pm
smallprogrammers 3-May-14 5:50am
Your answer !
Member 10784942 3-May-14 17:26pm
I asked how not for one...

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