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Hi all,

Could any one help me for below requirement

I have two table like this

 Trm_id   agt_id    nk_id  cid  valueid
 t1       a1        n1      10     101
 t2       a2        n2      10     101
 t3       a3        n3      10     102
 t1       a1        n1      11     104
 t2       a2        n2      11     105
 t3       a3        n3      11     105
 t1       a1        n1      12     106
 t2       a2        n2      12     106
 t3       a3        n3      12     107


 ref_id   value_id   value_desc   cid
   1       101        x12         10
   2       102        x13         10
   3       103        x23         10
   4       104        y12         11  
   5       105        y13         11    
   6       106        z01         12   
   7       107        z02         12

Now I would show my result set like

Trm_id   agt_id    nk_id    cid_10   cid_11    cid_12
t1        a1        n1       X12     Y12     z01
t2        a2        n2       X12     y13     z01
t3        a3        n3       x13     y13     z02

I am trying with Pivot concept but I think pivot wont work this case.So I reached out to you.
Updated 1-May-14 12:47pm
Andrius Leonavicius 1-May-14 15:30pm

Are the columns from the data (cid_10, cid_11 and cid_12) fixed or dynamic?
Help with what? This is not a question.
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Solution 2

Maciej is right. PIVOT does the job.

Here's the dynamic SQL version:
DECLARE @ColumnsTable TABLE (col VARCHAR(10));
INSERT INTO @ColumnsTable (col)
FROM src_table;
SET @Columns = (SELECT STUFF((SELECT DISTINCT ', [cid_' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), col) + ']'
                                   FROM @ColumnsTable
                                   FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 2, ''));
SET @SQL = '(SELECT Trm_id, agt_id, nk_id, ' + @Columns + '
   FROM (SELECT st.Trm_id, st.agt_id, st.nk_id, rt.value_desc, ''cid_'' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), rt.cid) AS cid_
         FROM src_table AS st
                INNER JOIN reference_table AS rt
                        ON ((st.cid = rt.cid) AND (st.valueid = rt.value_id)) ) AS t
        PIVOT (MAX(value_desc)
              FOR cid_ IN (' + @Columns + ')) AS p);';
Maciej Los 2-May-14 1:44am
Dynamic version of pivot deserves for 5!
Andrius Leonavicius 2-May-14 5:27am
Thank you, Maciej.
pratap420 2-May-14 11:09am
Excellent thought.Its working as per my requirement .I learnt nice logic today.
Thanks Andrius,Maciej
Maciej Los 2-May-14 11:24am
You're very welcome ;)
Andrius Leonavicius 2-May-14 11:25am
You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it.
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Solution 1

Pivot should works perfect! Static version:
SELECT Trm_id, agt_id, nk_id, cid_10, cid_11, cid_12
    SELECT t1.Trm_id, t1.agt_id, t1.nk_id, t1.cid, 'cid_' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),t1.cid) AS ColHeader, t1.valueid, t2.value_desc
    FROM src_table AS t1 INNER JOIN reference_table AS t2 ON t1.value_id = t2.value_id
    ) AS DT
PIVOT(MAX(value_desc) FOR ColHeader IN([cid_10],[cid_11],[cid_12])) AS PT
Andrius Leonavicius 1-May-14 19:57pm

I noticed that your INNER JOIN is missing joining columns...
Maciej Los 2-May-14 1:43am
Thank you ;)

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