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I want to initialize an array and assigning a value i.e. 20 for all elements in one statement.
To initialize all elements to zero we write. int a[] = {};
[no name] 2-May-14 16:39pm
int a[5] = {20,20,20,20,20};
khaledkee 2-May-14 17:32pm
what if the array of size 1000. i can't write 1000 "20"s
[no name] 2-May-14 22:51pm
What if? You asked and got your answer. You said nothing about the size of the array.
Maciej Los 2-May-14 17:34pm
Sounds like answer ;)

1 solution

You probably have to call the memset function. However, have a look at this Stack Overflow question[^].
khaledkee 2-May-14 17:33pm
Does memset perform loops or takes unreasonable time with large size of the array.
In CPU instruction set, writing to a big continuous memory area is anyway based on a loop, so C can generate perfectly optimal code for that, which cannot be faster.
khaledkee 2-May-14 18:29pm
Thanks for explanation.
You are welcome. Good luck learning programming.
Maciej Los 2-May-14 17:35pm
CPallini 3-May-14 4:28am
Thank you.
CPallini 3-May-14 4:28am
Thank you.

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