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I'm trying to add the value to arraylist index[0] here it is

DataTable dt5 = new DataTable();
dt5.Columns.Add("Data", typeof(string));
DataRow dr = dt5.NewRow();
ArrayList ary = new ArrayList();
foreach (Control ctr in dynamic.Controls)
    if (ctr is TextBox)
        string IDs = ((TextBox)ctr).ID;
        string values = ((TextBox)ctr).Text;
        string text= values;
        ele = (new XElement(IDs, values));
        ary.Insert(0, ele) ;
dr[0] = ary;

here the "ele" object gets the result as Xmlvalues <id>75 and next the loop repeats it get other value <name>Usha

I wanna store this values as single row so im trying to do it in arraylist index method
but it is storing in number of indexes like index[0],index[1].

So I wanna store this multi values in single row and pass as single parameter to my stored procedure
Updated 7-May-14 22:47pm

1 solution

I got a solution for this

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
var data=Convert.ToString(sb);
And i can pass this var data to my Stored procedure
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