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I am reset all textboxes on button click event. but when I refresh page the control values are remain with them.

I have tried EnableViewState=False option but not working.

I saw this article and it is stated that

ViewState and Postback[^]

"An interesting behavior is if we make a control which implements IPostBackEventHandler interface disabled then the ASP.NET will not process the control during postback. So in the above sample, if we make the Textbox (one with EnableViewState = false) disabled then it will not retain the changed value and behave like a label control."

Now, can anyone tell me how can I work with this interface

Updated 8-May-14 2:11am
King Fisher 8-May-14 1:58am
post your code

This may Help you:
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 2:07am
Thanks for the link but it will fire postback unnecessary (i.e. twice for one buttonclick)
King Fisher 8-May-14 7:10am
what you having?
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 7:13am
Text1 : <asp:TextBox ID="txt1" runat="server" EnableViewState="false" ViewStateMode="Disabled"><br><br>
Text2 : <asp:TextBox ID="txt2" runat="server" EnableViewState="false"><br><br>
Text3 : <asp:TextBox ID="txt3" runat="server" EnableViewState="false"><br><br>
Text4 : <asp:TextBox ID="txt4" runat="server" EnableViewState="false"><br><br>
<asp:Button ID="btnsubmit" Text="Submit" runat="server" OnClick="btnsubmit_Click" /><br><br>
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)<br><br>
protected void btnsubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)<br><br>
txt1.Text = string.Empty;<br><br>
txt2.Text = string.Empty;<br><br>
txt3.Text = string.Empty;<br><br>
txt4.Text = string.Empty;<br><br>

Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 1:49am
Thanks for the link but not found solution..!
[no name] 8-May-14 1:55am
Did you tried the second solution given in the link..??
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 1:56am
yes but not working :(
[no name] 8-May-14 1:58am
Please check the updated link..
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 2:02am
AutoComplete="off" is not working Sorry :(
[no name] 8-May-14 2:04am
None of the solution given in that link is working..??
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 2:07am
[no name] 8-May-14 2:09am
Please check once and let me know..
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 2:12am
Not working dude... I have checked all solutions..
On page load event try this..

TextBoxControl.Text = String.Empty;
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 7:07am
Not working
void CleareAllcontrolsRecursive(Control container)
       foreach (var control in container.Controls)
           if (control is TextBox)
               ((TextBox)control).Text = string.Empty;

call CleareAllcontrolsRecursive(panelcontrol) method in button click event..
and all controls should be in Panel tag...
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 1:44am
Thanks for reply Siva.
The problem is when I refresh page in debug mode, so I can see the textbox value in pageload event.
for eg.
I have buttonsubmit event in which I save the records and clear the textboxes like following

protected void btnsubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
<save content="" code="">

// Clear controls
txt1.Text = string.Empty;
txt2.Text = string.Empty;
txt3.Text = string.Empty;
txt4.Text = string.Empty;


Now, when I press refresh, control comes to this event in which I get old values for all textboxes.
I dont want old values. I want empty values, so validation would be fired.

Let me know if you have any doubt.
Did you have any codes inside page load event?

//Put that codes here...
CHill60 8-May-14 7:35am
Would you like to use the "Improve solution" links and update a single solution - for anyone coming across this it is impossible to follow!!
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 7:47am
Hi, Sorry. I am not getting how to use improve solution?
CHill60 8-May-14 8:38am
Hi - the comment was directed at Micky Solve as he had posted several solutions. You have correctly been using the "Have a question or Comment?" and the "Reply" links.
For information though, if you hover over the bottom right of a solution you have posted a green "Improve solution" link appears (to the left of the report flag). With enough reputation points you will see this for other peoples posts too. There is a similar mechanism for "Improve question"
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 8:45am
Thanks CHill for information.
Micky Solve 9-May-14 0:06am
Sorry, It was my mistake
CHill60 9-May-14 3:02am
That's ok ... getting to grips with the site is all - at least you are trying to help the OP :-)
Please try it using jQuery..

Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 6:53am
Not working as jquery is called after server call, so at server side at refresh time it retains value. :(
//not clear textbox


Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 8:35am
I can not clear textboxes in else part. If doing this it will take empty value though I have entered value in those textboxes.[^]

<asp:textbox runat="server" id="Textbox1" autocomplete="off" xmlns:asp="#unknown">[^]

if (IsPostBack)
          textbox1.text = "";

try above methods...
Bh@gyesh 8-May-14 2:41am
Already tried Not working...

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