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My Table is-:
Category fields are-:
CategoryID, Category_Name, Category_Description
1 Science aaaaa
2 Language lllll

SubCategory fields are-:
SubCategoryID, CategoryID, SubCategory_Name, SubCategory_Description
1 1 Physics pppppppppp
2 1 Science ssssssssss
3 2 Hindi hhhh
4 2 English eeeeee
5 2 Maths mmmmmm

I want to result below in dropdown list-

Science(it is category_Name)
--Physics(it is subcategory_Name)
--Biology(it is subcategory_Name)
Langauge(it is category_Name)
--Hindi(it is subcategory_Name)
--English(it is subcategory_Name)
--Maths(it is subcategory_Name)
Updated 19-May-14 2:18am

1 solution


Check this query :

Select q.CategoryID,q.SubCategoryID,q.Category_Name
Select CategoryID,0 as SubCategoryID,Category_Name
from Category 
Union ALL
Select  CategoryID,SubCategoryID,SubCategory_Name as Category_Name
from SubCategory 
) q
order by q.CategoryID,q.SubCategoryID,q.Category_Name

Note i just used the select query you can apply your where conditions if needed

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