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i have a very weird problem on my web application on live server. website has almost 50 to 60 forms and everything works fine and there is only one page when user go it always load and do not open the page we get the request time out error. now if you go to the other pages they behave the same. if we don't visit that page other pages will work fine but once you enter in that page it will not work and you are trapped in an infinite loop. now go to any page and it will not open. i have restarted my web site from iis , clear the temp files , replace the files again but nothing change.

i have also increase the httpexecution time out to 3600 and on script manager set asyncpostbacktimeout to 3600 but nothing works?

can some one please help me ????
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Solution 2

Sounds like there's something in that one page.

If your application pool has one 1 thread then it my have to wait for that page to timeout before that thread becomes available again to server the next page.

Setting the execution timeout to 3600 will only make things worse in this instance.

You page may also be setting something in your application state which is breaking all the other pages.

My advice would be to remove everything function from the page which breaks and see if you still get the problem.

If you don't reintroduce the feature of the page back into the build one at a time until the problem re-appears.

This should help to highlight where the problem is.

You can also try adding verbose logging to your application. This will show you exactly what your page is doing whilst you're waiting for the response.
ravikhoda 20-May-14 6:18am
alright i will try the things that you suggest , BTW can you provide me some more information on application pool thread? how can i run application on multi thread and is it okay to do so? i will read some more thing on this and try something. thanks for your help.
Stephen Hewison 20-May-14 6:48am
When the application is hosted in IIS it is assigned to an application pool. This controls all the settings used when managing concurrent requests, timeouts e.t.c. The following article looks at "What is an application pool".
ravikhoda 20-May-14 8:40am
Thanks for your reply. actually i got the issue on my site, let me explain so you may help me again, on that particular page we are using third party control devexpress report. now on this report we are generating a table dynamically from the code. rows are added using a for loop. now in this particular case what happen is that i have three tables , all have around 1500 records so this execution of the creation of the table using the for loop takes infinite time to load and server request time out happens. can you help me how can i optimize performance of the for loop or may be overall.
Stephen Hewison 20-May-14 8:48am
I'm not going to go through all your code for you. But there are tools out there to help with optimisation. VS premium and ultimate have profiling tools which will show you what parts of your code take the most amount of time. If you don't have these editions you can demo the AntsProfiler from RedGate. But if you like the tool please do buy it.
ravikhoda 20-May-14 8:52am
alright thanks.

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