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I was wondering if someone can help me with that:

I have a ajax request that calls a function
in that function I create a web request to a hotel API
the response contains 30 results

I would like to return the results to the View and start immediatley another ajax request that calls a function with a web worker which gets the rest of the eg 500 results and save them in a database

this function should be just called but not been waited to be finished

I hope I explained it not too confused:)

thanks a lot in advance

karthik Udhayakumar 22-May-14 12:25pm
Let us know what you have troed and where your stuck up?

1 solution

Hey! Thanks for your reply! I have solved the problem :)
I created a function with return JSON but before it returns it it calls a subroutine:

Function testFunction() As JsonResult
   System.Threading.ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(AddressOf DoAsyncWork)
   Return Json("success", JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet)
End Function
Protected Sub DoAsyncWork()
   Do some work
End Sub

Anyway, thanks for your help

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