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i want to count no of days,when the record is inserted to db with today for every record and want to assign those value to the repeator using linq and c#
DamithSL 26-May-14 9:02am    
update the question with your current linq statement and what have you tried? any exceptions?
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:04am    
dates =DateTime.Now.Subtract(n.CreatedDateTime.Value.Date).Days

Time span conversion error and want to display in repeator
DamithSL 26-May-14 9:09am    
what is the type of CreatedDateTime? and provide full LINQ statement, what is n here?
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:11am    

1 solution

define now as current date before the linq statement
DateTime now = DateTime.Now;

in your linq statement
dates = System.Data.Objects.SqlClient.SqlFunctions.DateDiff("dd", n.CreatedDateTime, now)
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Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:33am    
am getting SqlFunctions doesnt exist
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:33am    
is there any code for sqlFunctions
DamithSL 26-May-14 9:46am    
it is on System.Data.Entity dll, you need to add using statement like below
using System.Data.Objects.SqlClient;
Member 10226004 26-May-14 9:57am    
it's working,TnQ

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