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I want to update MSSQL Server pre-existing Table with the data on CSV file but because the CSV files are generated with random names so i want to sequentially open each file as they are created and update table in my database and then delete this file once the record is added.

1 solution

Configure importing from a constant file and use the batch file like this:
@echo off

for %%i in (*.csv) do call :RUN_ONE %%i
goto END


ren %%i import.csv

rem Load import.csv into SQL Server.

del import.csv


For example, you may create a stored procedure that uses OPENROWSET to select data from a file:
INSERT INTO ... ( ... )
FROM OPENROWSET(BULK '...import.csv',
    FORMATFILE = '...import.fmt', FIRSTROW = 2)

and use sqlcmd to execute the procedure. For example:

sqlcmd -S . -E -h -1 -d Database -Q "EXEC dbo.uspImport"
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Member 10847288 27-May-14 11:44am    
Thanks mate for your prompt reply but i need vb code for this as i am not very much use to MSSQL queries.
Sergey Vaselenko 27-May-14 11:52am    
What technique do you use to import data?
Take a look at similar techniques for importing from Excel
Member 10847288 27-May-14 11:53am    
yes CSV file contains the data to be added into the MSSQL table. Files are generated in same folder with random names.

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