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I am working on web application in MVC 3 using Visual Studio 3. and using sql server 2005 at the back end.
I am creating an account in data base using the HTTPPost method. Account creates successfully. and i get the AccountId of the created account.
Here is the code given below :
       public ActionResult Index(Account account)
          string accountId;
              Here is the code to create account using Linq, 
          account.AccountId = accountId;

          return View("Index", account);

I get the accountId as i checked in debugger and then i assign the accountId to account.AccountId property of the Account Model object.
The AccountId property is attached to text box in the view as given below.
@Html.TextBoxFor(x => x.AccountId);

But when the View is redrawn it still is showing the empty box. The view is a strongly typed view of Account Model class.

No please some one help me immediately where am i going wrong.

thanks in advance.

Please try is as below.
@Html.DisplayFor(x => x.AccountId)
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<input type="text" value="@Model.AccountId" id="txt_accid" />
try this
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