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Hi all,

I have to check some condition on browser close event means When i close the browser ( when i click on [x] ) that event i want using javascript.
i am able to do this in IE but in firfox itis not working properly
i tried

var altKey  = false;
var keyCode = 0;

function closeSession(evt){

    evt = (evt) ? evt : event;

    clickY  = evt.clientY;
    altKey  = evt.altKey;
    keyCode = evt.keyCode;

        // Window Closing in FireFox
        // capturing ALT + F4
        keyVals = document.getElementById('ffKeyTrap');
        if(keyVals.value == 'true115'){
            return 'close 1';

        if(keyVals.value == ''){
            // capturing a window close by "X" ?
            // we have no keycodes
            return 'close 2';

    } else {
        // Window Closing in IE
        // capturing ALT + F4
        if (altKey == true && keyCode == 115){
            alert('close 1');
        // capturing a window close by "X"
        } else if(clickY < 0){
            alert('close 2');
        // simply leaving the page via a link
        } else {
            //alert('close 3');
            return void(0);

function whatKey(evt){
    evt = (evt) ? evt : event;
    keyVals = document.getElementById('ffKeyTrap');
    altKey  = evt.altKey;
    keyCode = evt.keyCode;
    if(altKey && keyCode == 115){
        keyVals.value = String(altKey) + String(keyCode);

window.onkeydown      = whatKey;
window.onbeforeunload = closeSession;
Updated 28-May-14 22:36pm
Alok.singh1166 29-May-14 4:20am
some body please help me

1 solution

Please try as below.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onbeforeunload = check;
function check()
return "Are you sure you want to exit this page?";
//or put whatever function you need to call when a user closes the web //browser.

Read for more : how to detect mozilla firefox window close using javascript

Close Event In Javascript For Firefox, IE and Chrome
Alok.singh1166 29-May-14 5:13am
i already tried this .But it is not working with firfox

Please Help
Sampath Lokuge 29-May-14 9:54am
Check whether is there any js errors on your code by using firebug ?
Alok.singh1166 30-May-14 1:02am
Sampath there is no error what ever code you have provided and i have tried is working fine in IE or Chrome but not working in FireFox. after FF 4.0 no js file is supported to mozialfirefox.

Please check.

Alok Singh

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