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Hi all,

I am using MVC 4, I had given task in Sugar CRM. i am using RestClient to consume SugarCRM service URL.
below is code i am using for login, i excepted it Returns Session Id of user.
but it Returns service Page Text .

string user_name = "xx"; string password = "xx"; /

          string[] user_auth = new string[2];

          user_auth[0] = user_name; user_auth[1] = password;

          var client = new RestClient("" + user_auth );
          var req = new RestRequest();
          var response = client.Execute(req);
          var item = response.Content;

Please help me how can i call login method using RestClient ? or any Successful ways

Thank You

1 solution

Hi all,
I corrected my errors by JsonConvert the rest_data object.
below code is working fine and getting Login Session Id.

string user_name = "xx"; string password = "xx";
                   var paramss = new
                       user_auth = new
                           user_name = user_name,
                           password = password,
                           encryption = "PLAIN"
                       application = "SugarCRM RestAPI Example"

                   var JsonLoginString = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(paramss);

                   var client = new RestClient("Servie URL");
                   var request = new RestRequest();
                   request.AddParameter("method", "login");
                   request.AddParameter("input_type", "JSON");
                   request.AddParameter("response_type", "JSON");
                   request.AddParameter("rest_data", JsonLoginString);

                   var response = client.Execute(request);
                   var responseData = response.Content;

                   var session =;

Thank You
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