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Can we store text and image both in one field to sqlserver2005 using vb.net2008... ? Plz help me out .... :(
CHill60 30-May-14 3:46am    
Think about it ... you want to put 2 things into 1 container and that container has to be 2 things at once...can't be done. If you can find some way of combining the text and the image into a single item you could store them as a blob
Member 10853731 30-May-14 3:57am    
so what is the use of Blob ? and how may i use it?
CHill60 30-May-14 4:13am    
See the solutions posted. There is no point in me explaining what a Blob could be used for as you won't find a satisfactory way of combining the image and the text. See the solutions 1 and 2 for the correct approach.

Do not do it.
Refer: how-to-store-text-and-image-in-the-same-column[^]
In relational database, every field is of one fixed data type and should only stores one single piece of data. Read more: Fundamentals of Relational Database Design[^]
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To add to what Peter Leow has said: just because you can do something, does not mean you should do something.

I can drink a bottle of whiskey and try to drive my car home. But I'd be an idiot if I tried, and I'd deserve the punishment which would be heaped upon me when I crashed ort was caught.

Don't: If nothing else, it makes you have to retrieve a large field at all times, even if you only want the text portion.
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Jörgen Andersson 30-May-14 5:36am    
You should also mention that there is a special punishment for those that break the first normal form.
It is possible to store text in some of the exif tags of a jpg file (see but you won't be able to query on it and it isn't a simple task to add/retrieve that text
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