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In Firefox and Crome print button not shown in Report viewer in c#.But it works find in IE.Is there any .dll to show the print button.
Updated 30-May-14 3:19am
Salman622 30-May-14 9:22am    
If that link is not useful to you
then i can Provide you the Code snippet for button to print your ssrs report

A simple google search results in the following links. The print button is an ActiveX control which means it will only work in IE. However:

Custom Print Functionality for Microsoft Report Viewer (RDLC)[^][^]
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Deepthy.P.M 30-May-14 8:48am    
can i enable print button in report viewer other than adding seperate button.
Set the ShowExportControls property to true in the designer or code.
Given below is code to get print facility for Report Viewer.
//call printdiv() function on button click
<input name="b_print" type="button" onclick="printdiv();" value=" Print Report" />
//function for print
function printdiv() {
   //Code for adding HTML content to report viwer
    var headstr = "<html><head><title></title></head><body>";
    //End of body tag
    var footstr = "</body></html>";
    //This the main content to get the all the html content inside the report viewer control
    //"ReportViewer1_ctl10" is the main div inside the report viewer
    //controls who helds all the tables and divs where our report contents or data is available
    var newstr = $("#ReportViewer1_ctl10").html();
    //open blank html for printing
    var popupWin ='', '_blank');
    //paste data of printing in blank html page
    popupWin.document.write(headstr + newstr + footstr);
    //print the page and see is what you see is what you get
    return false;

Have a look at this. Report Viewer Print Problem in Chrome, Mozilla Browsers[^]
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Go to below link may it will help you

Print button in Mozilla
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ReportViewer printing is based on ActiveX and it'll work with browsers supporting such technology i.e. IE9 or older. That's why you get nothing when viewing the report in other browsers. Try the following approaches to bypass this issue:

Automatically Printing an RDLC file in ASP.NET MVC 3[^]

How to add Cross-Browser Printing to ASP.NET ReportViewer toolbar[^][^]
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