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I have a unicode number "U+2602", how to convert it into it's particular symbol or charachter and then again convert it back to unicode number? Symbol of the above unicode number is :- (Please see in the link below)[^]
Updated 2-Jun-14 19:23pm

1 solution

char myValue = Char.Parse("\u2602");

convert back to string
string str = string.Format(@"\u{0:x4}", (int)myValue);

if you need string
string  myValue = Char.Parse("\u2602").ToString();
agent_kruger 3-Jun-14 1:24am
sir, your solution is fine but i also need to convert it back to unicode number. How to do so?
DamithSL 3-Jun-14 1:33am
check my update
agent_kruger 3-Jun-14 1:46am
thank you sir, just one last thing i have a unicode number "U+0FD7" and i can use this with your code but i need to know that this font is of "tibetan" and the
symbol is displayed as a block. I know this is because of font but do you have any website in mind where i can find this font?
DamithSL 3-Jun-14 1:55am
Go to[^]
there is a link Fonts that support U+0FD7
click on that link you can find the fonts :-)
agent_kruger 3-Jun-14 2:09am
sir, i have visited that site already but where to download it from.
agent_kruger 3-Jun-14 2:15am
sir, can you provide me with your email id plz?

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