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namespace QueueCS
    public partial class Form1 : XtraForm
        public string Queuevalue;
        public static Form1 Instance = null;
        public QueueGridHead Rightss;
        QueueCLib.QueueGrid qc = new QueueGrid();

        public Form1()

        BindingList<QueueGridHead> gridupdat = new BindingList<QueueGridHead>();
        void InitGrid()
        int id;
        private void btnPush_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

                //string mInfo = null;
                string mInfo = Form1.Instance.qc.PushAdd(txtRollno.Text, txtName.Text, txtContact.Text);
                mInfo = qc.PushAdd("jg", "dss", "ad");
                if (Queuevalue != "" && Queuevalue != null)
                    id = -1;
                  // mInfo = Form1.Instance.qc.PushAdd("Rno", "Name", "Contact");
                   // string[] value = Queuevalue.Split('@');
                    //string[] retValue = m('^');
                    string[] retvalue = mInfo.Split('^');
                    Form1.Instance.Rightss = new QueueGridHead(retvalue[0], retvalue[1], retvalue[3]);
                    GvQueue.DataSource = gridupdat;
                    //string s1;
                  //mInfo = qc.PushAdd("jg","dss","ad");
            catch (Exception ex)

ZurdoDev 5-Jun-14 7:26am    
What's your question?
Member 10718181 5-Jun-14 8:20am    
solve this error Inconsistent accessibility: field type 'QueueCS.QueueGridHead' is less accessible than field 'QueueCS.Form1.Rightss'
ZurdoDev 5-Jun-14 8:47am    
Likely it is marked private when it should be public.
Member 10718181 5-Jun-14 8:59am    
Edit my Code I am not cleared ....
ZurdoDev 5-Jun-14 9:01am    
I can't. You haven't even posted all of the relevant code.

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