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??? Undefined function or method 'BufferedImageLuminanceSource' for input arguments of type
Error in ==> decode_qr at 55
 source =BufferedImageLuminanceSource(jimg);

1 solution

Hello, you have to download the 3.3 jars from ( and These functions are inside differente folders for this matlab code, so you have to change the imports in this way:

For encode function:

For decode function:

There are another changes to do:
in function encode M_java.height and M_java.width are invalid, instead use M_java.getHeight(), M_java.getWidth()

Special thanks for Ari Bejarano (the Java's Master) and to Andres Puerto for developing this solution.
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OriginalGriff 16-Sep-17 3:35am    
Be aware that reopening 3 year old questions is a dangerous tactic: it looks like rep point farming to many people and that is a form of abuse which will get you banned from the site.
Is it realistic to think that the user is still stuck on this problem after so long a time period?
In this case, I think it's probably not deliberate, but there are some very trigger-happy people here who will not view similar activity the same way...

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