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Hi have datatable like,

Column1 | Column2
1        NULL
2        NULL
3        NULL
4        NULL

I Want datatable Like

Column1 | Column2
1         1
2         2
3         3
4         4

for this what i have to do in .cs file.
Updated 27-Jul-20 6:51am
[no name] 6-Jun-14 9:34am
"write code of .cs file", no. That is not how this works. We do not write code to order. You need to give this a try first and then ask a question if you run into an actual problem.
pareshpbhayani 6-Jun-14 9:41am
I apologize for that, i have tried myself but i could not get any shortcut solution.

Something like this should get you started:

for(int i = 0; i < dataTable.Rows.Count; i ++)

Hope it helps.
pareshpbhayani 6-Jun-14 9:38am
but is there any shortcut for it?
ZurdoDev 6-Jun-14 9:47am
That IS the shortcut. It is extremely simple to do. What were you hoping for?
pareshpbhayani 6-Jun-14 10:08am
I have lost of rows in my datatable so loop take 10 to 15 sec to copy data from one column to another column.
hypermellow 6-Jun-14 10:12am
How are you populating your DataTable? - could you copy the column values as you populate?
pareshpbhayani 6-Jun-14 10:45am
I am getting datatable from database.
Nayan Rudani 7-Jun-14 2:43am
if you get DataTable From Database then get Column2 as Alis of Column1
foreach(DataRow dr in dataTable.Rows)
dr["NewColumn"] = dr[OldColumn];

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