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So, I need a favor from you guys. I am thinking of preparing a project in computer vision and image processing. My goal is to come up with an automatic face recognition system. But please dont forward me codes or links because i want to know the depth of the material. I really find it convenient when i work in and not C++. So, can you guys suggest me some books or online books which i can use to learn the material in depth in Please suggest me because i only have 2 months to complete my project. Thanks

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Achieving a fully functionnal automatic face recognition system from scratch in two months seems a little bit tough.

I think you need to separate the concerns here :

- The face recognition system algorithm itself ; an algorithm is not language-bound, it can be written and described in plain human language.
It is important you understand what is under the hood if you want to implement an algorithm correctly.
You can watch for things like:
Face Recognition Homepage - Algorithms[^]
Some (answers to) posts on StackOverflow can be quite instructive, also.
what is the latest and best face recognition algorithm? [closed][^]

- Visual Basic that you will use to implement the algorithm.
Implementing an algorithm, especially if it is extremely complex and requires a lot of maths, suppose you already have a fair knowledge of the language itself.
If you are not fluent in VB yet, you will have to take that into account in your timeline, which could make things even harder.
If I can try to make a comparison, that would be trying to land a Boeing without having any clue on how a plane is flying.

You should really consider all the maths involved for this; acquiring this knowledge from scratch in two months to produce something efficient could be very difficult. Only you can judge that.
I don't think there is any single book that will lead you to what you need. More a combination of them covering, mostly, complex computations involved in face recognition systems.

Good luck, anyway.
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