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I am learning to use print property sheet so I can start learning printing by drawing a rectangle on the paper.

My problem is that I do not have a printer, and am testing the results by printing to XPS file and MS Office OneNote 2007. I am drawing the rectangle with this code snippet :
// hWnd is the window that owns the property sheet.
HRESULT DisplayPrintPropertySheet(HWND hWnd)
    HRESULT hResult;
    PRINTDLGEX pdx = {0};

    // Allocate an array of PRINTPAGERANGE structures.
    pPageRanges = (LPPRINTPAGERANGE) GlobalAlloc( GPTR, 
        10 * sizeof(PRINTPAGERANGE) );

    if (!pPageRanges)
        return E_OUTOFMEMORY;

    //  Initialize the PRINTDLGEX structure.
    pdx.lStructSize = sizeof(PRINTDLGEX);
    pdx.hwndOwner = hWnd;
    pdx.hDevMode = NULL;
    pdx.hDevNames = NULL;
    pdx.hDC = NULL;
    pdx.Flags = PD_RETURNDC;
    pdx.Flags2 = 0;
    pdx.ExclusionFlags = 0;
    pdx.nPageRanges = 0;
    pdx.nMaxPageRanges = 10;
    pdx.lpPageRanges = pPageRanges;
    pdx.nMinPage = 1;
    pdx.nMaxPage = 1000;
    pdx.nCopies = 1;
    pdx.hInstance = 0;
    pdx.lpPrintTemplateName = NULL;
    pdx.lpCallback = NULL;
    pdx.nPropertyPages = 0;
    pdx.lphPropertyPages = NULL;
    pdx.nStartPage = START_PAGE_GENERAL;
    pdx.dwResultAction = 0;

    //  Invoke the Print property sheet.

    hResult = PrintDlgEx(&pdx);

    if ( ( hResult == S_OK )    
        && ( pdx.dwResultAction == PD_RESULT_PRINT ) )

        // User clicked the Print button, 
        // so use the DC and other information returned in the 
        // PRINTDLGEX structure to print the document.

        DOCINFO diDocInfo = {0};
        diDocInfo.cbSize = sizeof( DOCINFO ); 
        diDocInfo.lpszDocName = L"Testing printing...";

        if( StartDoc( pdx.hDC, &diDocInfo ) > 0 )
            if( StartPage( pdx.hDC ) > 0 )
                // get paper dimensions
                int pageWidth, pageHeight;

                pageWidth = GetDeviceCaps( pdx.hDC, HORZRES );
                pageHeight = GetDeviceCaps( pdx.hDC, VERTRES );

                // graphics object for rendering text, grid lines, bitmaps ...
                Graphics g( pdx.hDC );

                /************ draw a testing rectangle***************/

                g.DrawRectangle( &Pen( Color::Red, 4 ), 0, 0, 
                    pageWidth, pageHeight );


                if( EndPage( pdx.hDC ) < 0 )
                    // for now pop a message box saying something went wrong
                    MessageBox( hWnd, L"EndDoc failed!", L"Error", MB_OK );

            EndDoc( pdx.hDC );


    if (pdx.hDevMode != NULL) 
    if (pdx.hDevNames != NULL) 
    if (pdx.lpPageRanges != NULL)
    if (pdx.hDC != NULL) 

    return hResult;

The problem I get[^] is that right and bottom coordinates are not properly calculated. The expected result should be like this[^].

Apparently, I do not obtain the proper rectangle coordinates for the bottom right.

Therefore I ask for a solution that can calculate proper rectangle coordinates for paper, so I can draw the red rectangle like in the second picture above.
Updated 14-Jun-14 12:07pm

Take a look at GDI Drawing and Printing[^].
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AlwaysLearningNewStuff 16-Jun-14 11:05am    
I did find that article before, but I can not compile the project because I have VS 2008, and Debug doesn't run either...

I have managed to solve the problem, but will update my post after I test it on the real printer ( so far everything works fine on XPS and OneNote2007 ).

Thank you anyway, I have voted 5.
I have discovered that the issue is to do with the default unit settings in the Graphics class, as described in[^]
You need to use the following line of code to set it to pixels.

That now works in XPS and on the real printer.

Using old-style GDI rather than GDI+, the following code works fine:
HANDLE hPen = CreatePen(PS_SOLID, 60, RGB(255, 0, 0)); // pen width 1/10th inch
SelectObject(pdx.hDC, hPen);
Rectangle(pdx.hDC, 0, 0, pageWidth, pageHeight);

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AlwaysLearningNewStuff 17-Jun-14 16:46pm    
Thank you so much!

I have found a way to get consistent results in both XPS and OneNote2007, by applying scaling factor. I haven't tested this on the real printer though...

After I change the graphics mode to pixels, the way you suggest, and apply scaling factor, I get both the GDI and GDI+ result to be the same, but they do not cover entire "page" of the XPS/OneNote documents. If I remove the setting you suggested, in both documents the picture is drawn over entire "page" properly with GDI+ only.

Therefore I must test this scaling on a real printer to see what is going on... As soon as I do that I will report my results and will probably accept your solution since I believe you are right.

Best regards until then!
AlwaysLearningNewStuff 25-Jun-14 18:56pm    
Thank you for your help. I have 5ed both solutions. Best regards 'till next time!
Richard MacCutchan 25-Jun-14 21:18pm    
You are welcome. It was an interesting problem.

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