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Declare @ColId uniqueidentifier

set @ColId = '1B233EE7-1668-4D03-995F-2D763BF03F06'

EXEC('update custom.location
    set siteid =' + @ColId +
    'where siteid is null')

when execute above sql query get below error-
Incorrect syntax near 'B233EE7'.

Any one can help?
CHill60 20-Jun-14 17:51pm    
How have you defined the column "siteid"? uniqueidentifier also or nvarchar?

For what you're doing, wouldn't it make sense to declare @ColID a varchar?

If not, you may wish to cast it to one.

Also, any reason you don't just build the query simply as:
update custom.location set siteid=@ColId where siteid is null
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If this is microsoft SQL server it should be custom..location or custom.dbo.location. Syntax is database.owner.tablename....otherwise the first solution of defining the value as a varchar will work
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