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Can any one help me on this I have a Access Database on which I have tables with similar structure and columns name column a and column b. I can use the bellow query to get the the output running from
table result

 SELECT "Table1" AS Table, SUM(a) - SUM(b) AS Result FROM table1
SELECT "Table2", SUM(a) - SUM(b) FROM table2
SELECT "Table3", SUM(a) - SUM(b) FROM table3

I would like to know is there any way to write a query without calling the table names in query? I need to create table or change some of table name at run time.

ZurdoDev 19-Jun-14 22:01pm    
How will it know which table to select from if you don't tell it? I'm confused.
DamithSL 19-Jun-14 22:12pm    
I think OP need to build SQL statement at run time without hard coding table names.

1 solution

Yes, you can do it :-)
create List with table names
List<string> Tables = new List<string>();

And build your SQL statement like below
string sql = string.Join( " UNION ", Tables.Select(t=> string.Format("SELECT '{0}' AS Table, SUM(a) - SUM(b) AS Result FROM {0}", t)));

Done :-)
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Member 10895647 20-Jun-14 18:56pm    
I have list of tables names in a table called table_list .When I use create table statement passing text box input in query to create table , I am saving tables name in table_list using another insert query. In that case how to use the sql query ? any bit of info would be helpful

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