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My table punching have columns named EMPID, DATE, PMODe, PTIME.. I want to insert multiple values separated by comma in PTime column if value of EMPID, DATE and PMODE have same data.

I am using Front End as Visual Basic 6.0..

you may change the field data type to text or something which can accept text data and then each time a new entry arrives, read the current data and append it with new value and update the field.

Note: This will not break 1NF

1) You have lost the meaning of time. You will not be able to do any meaningful operations with this data until you parse it back to individual time entries.

2) You may encounter data quality issues( format is messed up, text is encountered where number is expected etc...)

The bottom line is: You should know what you are doing here :D
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Don't insert comma separated values unless absolutely necessary.
Have individual fields for each of those comma separated values.
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Never put multiple values in a single column in a row. It can but should not be done. It is against 1NF principle. In relational database design, every row must not have a column that takes more than one value, like separated with commas. They should be separated into multiple rows.
Read more: ten-common-database-design-mistakes/[^]
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